Everybody’s golf swing is different — so it makes sense to adjust your golf clubs to suit your golf swing!

What happens during a fitting session?

Different club manufacturers have different fitting methods, but ultimately the goal is to improve your game. We begin with simple measurements such as wrist-to-floor length, height, and hand size. These measurements will point you to the right size club and the angle it should be in relation to the ground. Next you will take a club and hit some balls.

Your clubfitter will place Impact tape on the bottom of the club and an impact board on the ground/mat. As you hit the ball off the board it will leave a mark on the tape showing whether the heel or toe of the club is striking the board first. The resulting mark shows whether the club face needs to be either flatter or more upright. It is a good idea to bring your most used wood and your 7 iron to a fitting session.

What difference will it make?

Custom fitting won't cure all of your bad shots. But if you do make a good swing, custom fitting can help the club arrive at impact correctly and produce straighter shots at your target. That alone will save shots during a round.

Will custom fitting fix my slice?

Custom fitting help can help cure a slice. When you slice the ball the toe of the club is leading into the ball, which opens the face of the club. That may be caused by a swing fault, but it could be because the club is too flat. The custom-fitting process can adjust the club so that it is more upright. In such a case the toe of the club will be slightly off the ground at address to compensate.

How much does it cost?

Custom fitting is $60; however, if you purchase a set of clubs within a week of your fitting, the cost of the fitting will be deducted from the cost of the clubs. If you're prepared to buy a new set of clubs, it's definitely worth getting fitted. Everyone can benefit from custom-fitted clubs, not just good golfers.

Can I try your clubs?

During the golf season we hold periodic Fitting Days.  You can also set up an appointment with one of our qualified fitters. Please call the golf school office at (703) 255-5396 for fitting day dates and times, or to set up an appointment.

Where can I get a custom fitting done?

We do custom fittings at the Every Body Golf School at the Oakmont Golf Center. 


If you have any more questions or would like to set up a fitting please call our club fitter at (703) 255-5396.