Every Body Golf School is committed to providing the best golf instruction in the area. But don't just take our word for it—once you hear what our past students say, you'll see why we are the largest golf school in Virginia:


"The instructor consistently checked every student to make sure our grip, stance, swing, etc. were correct and, if they weren’t, provided tips to correct what was wrong."


"I learned the basics of playing golf! While I know that I’ll need much practice to improve my skills, I now feel confident enough to actually go and play a game. Thank you!"


"Our instructor was very impressive. He was knowledgeable, communicative, helpful, and patient with beginners."


"The instructor took a lot of interest in us as a group and individually."


"I learned a great deal about the fundamentals even though I have been playing golf for a while. It’s nice to know why you do what you do in your game."


"Our instructor was patient with us and always knew what I was doing wrong."


"You made my first time with clubs and balls fun. Thanks for the inspiration!"


"I liked the way that our instructor presents techniques—keeping it simple and staying relaxed."


"The systematic breakdown and construction of the golf swing from putting to driving was very helpful."


"I felt the individual attention by our instructor was great! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this class and experience. I feel confident with the content of this course and how the instructor taught me—he was very personable, approachable, and no question was silly. Highest compliments!"